LiveSite-4- Ladies Events


LiveSite for Ladies is for you!

 Friends. Food. Fun. & Faith!

Want to Host a Women's Event in Your Community?
  Our LiVeSiTe-4-Ladies Events Feature...

  -Real Stories from Real Women
   -Entertaining & Fun Presentations
      -Live Inspirational Music & Worship
         -Uplifting Messages & Biblical Teaching

with Practical Resources ...from LiVeSiTe Network!

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Our LiveSite-4-Ladies Event Team, Musicians and Speakers include: Kellie Tew (Second Chance); Laurie Marbrey (LiveSite Network); Brantlee Elwell (CrossCulture); Renea Henderson (YouLaughAlot); Cindy Johnson (Stage 2); and others...


For More information or Booking, Please Contact: 
Randall Floyd 919-218-4138 or Laurie Marbrey (Live Site) 919-477-6791