Randall Floyd
Randall Floyd Preaching in Haiti


Randall Floyd volunteers as an Educational Consultant & Trainer and is the founder of the LiveSite Network and Educational Evangelism Ministries. In 2010, Randall initiated the ministry model for the Here's Hope NC Team Project and is the current administration consultant for the Here's Hope Team. He is endorsed by COSBE, NC Baptists, and NC Evangelists.

Randall primarily serves as an Education & Evangelism Pastor.. He has led revivals and campaigns in Haiti, Alaska, Canada, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, & SouthCarolina, as well as North Carolina, where he makes his home.

Randall leads scheduled revival meetings for churches, trains for Spiritual Growth Campaigns, engages communities for Here's Hope NC projects and is an educational consultant with Lifeway, NC Baptists, and LiveSite FieldTrips. 

He is unapologetically committed to the inerrancy, infallibility, and authority of Scripture. He believes, lives by, loves and teaches the Bible, as well as the application of Christian principles for personal, spiritual, and educational growth.

Randall would welcome your church's invitation to share Jesus Christ with your congregation or community.


Randall leading a Field Trip in Washington DC


Randall directs a non-profit ministry providing "Educational Evangelism." which is committed not only  to teaching God's Word and sharing  the Gospel of Jesus Christ , but providing excellence in educational subjects (with academic credibility) in applying his faith in teaching. 

Randall has also been guiding both Educational and Mission Tours for the past 20 years. In addition to his work with LiveSite, he has led Domestic & International groups by partnering with Holiday Tours, Holbrook Field Trips, the Christian Light Foundation, and NAMB. Sharing history and stories from Washington, DC are a favorite hobby.  Randall has designed, written, and published several curriculum materials and was a regular weekly contributor to Lifewaynextra for several years.

Randall attended FSU, Southern Seminary, New Orleans Seminary, and is completing a doctoral project at Trinity Theological Seminary. He also supervises pastoral students as an Equipping Center Director through Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest.. 

Shannon & Randall Floyd


Shannon and Randall have been married for 21 years and have two sons, Nick & Connor. Shannon is a graduate of Virginia Western and Radford University. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and teaches 3rd grade at a local elementary school.

Nick is an avid artist and enjoys spending time with his friends.. Connor loves sports, animals, and hanging out with his big brother.

Our family enjoys visits and travel-adventures with our extended family including sisters, brothers, in-laws,  some nephews and a niece.

Randall enjoys reading, history, movies, coaching soccer, travel, and spending time with his family.